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FL Studio or Ableton?

2009-05-13 21:46:56 by Yeil

So I recenty bought FL Studio and have been playing around with it. I'm loving how easy it is to make beats, but it's still a very confusing program. Any tips and help would be appreciated.
Ableton however is what my school uses, it's wonderful for DJing and visually seeing your work. However it feels limited in comparison to FL Studio. I've ended up making eats in FL and sending them to ableton with good results. That's another thing, MIDI work is so much easier in FL but Ableton is more precise.
Both programs are great for people who use MIDI input keyboards, PoiZone that comes with FL is amazing, I love it! Unfortunately it's only a demo included. I'll get the full version soon.

If anyone can recommend a good lesson site for either Ableton Live or FL Studio that would be great!
...and expect a new song soon, probably my best yet.